Two weeks home

It's been two weeks since we brought the twins home, and they're almost three weeks old. Here's what's going on since the last baby update: Babies are starting to cry. Just a little, when they need something--usually a pacifier or something to eat, or when they get too gassy. It doesn't last too long, and... Continue Reading →

One Maid A-Milking

I don't know if it makes me a bad person/woman/mother, but I don't actually want to exclusively nurse. Maybe because there are two babies and it sounds too daunting. But it makes me feel like I'd be too tied to them. I want some freedom. I want and need a second person to do feedings.... Continue Reading →

The Recovery

Today marks two weeks post-baby, and there are still lots of changes going on body-wise. Almost all of the PUPPS rash has faded and now the scratch scabs are finally healing. So glad that I don't look like a leper anymore. My feet started swelling this summer. Certainly by mid-August they were puffy pregnancy feet.... Continue Reading →


I'm enjoying having babies a lot more than I thought I would. The day they were born, I thought to myself, "Oh man, I see why people want a lot of these. Maybe I want more." Holy shit, one baby would be SO EASY. I still feel like myself. I was afraid that I would... Continue Reading →

One week old!

Dear M and E, You are now a week old! I can't believe it. Mostly I still can't believe that you're outside babies, that you're real, and that you're ours. Our babies! We have babies! First things first, you are both very cute. Everyone says so. Obviously we are biased, but even with the number... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the World!

M (left) and E (right) were born via c-section on Wednesday, November 21. We've been at the hospital since then, learning how to take care of them. The nurses have been amazing--so friendly and helpful. I wish we could take them home with us. 🙂 I realized tonight that the boys haven't actually been physically... Continue Reading →

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