35 weeks

Dear A and B, Hurray, we've made it to 35 weeks--this is a big milestone for your growth and development in utero! You'll be even more developed if you can hang in there for another week at least, if not two. We're hoping for two, obviously! A, you're really wedged in, head-down, like you're trying... Continue Reading →

34 weeks

I feel like a Barbie doll whose legs have been unsnapped and then put back on incorrectly. It all just feels...off, somehow. The chiropractor said last week that my pelvis is really loose, so I guess that's why? Also, a lot of the time it feels like I've been horsekicked in the ladybits. Ouch. This... Continue Reading →

33 weeks

Well. It finally happened. I hit a big number. Two of them, in fact. 50 pounds gained. I now weigh 200 pounds. These are both large numbers. Big, round numbers that look menacing. But then I take a breath. There are two fetuses in there, with all their accompanying fluids and support organs (plus the... Continue Reading →

32.5 weeks

Dear A and B, First of all, sorry that we refer to you as letters. Also as fruit sometimes (thanks to those weekly emails that compare your size to produce). We do have names tentatively picked for you, but we're not sharing those with anyone else. And really, calling you by actual person names is... Continue Reading →

Weekend Project: Baby Room

Before: Ugly paint color. Sickly yellow green that is reminiscent of baby poo. Kind of dark even in the light of day. Piles of things I've been accumulating. Corner of my own stuff Bookshelf with kid/picture books and all my YA books Ugh, seriously, that paint color! * Important intermediate steps: Organize everything we bought... Continue Reading →

Pinterest Pressure

The word "nursery" kind of makes me shudder. One, because it's so twee and cutesy. Two, because it implies the lot of care, attention, time and money required to create it. Like it requires a Capital Letter N of Importance. That it must have fresh pastel paint, a full set of new matching furniture, a ... Continue Reading →

Pregnant Products

I wanted to share a round-up of things I've found useful, interesting, or not at all helpful while on this pregnancy journey. It got kind of long with all the pics, so be aware. 🙂 Amazon links are affiliate. Shopping: Trofolastin This is a stretch-mark cream that allegedly has scientific studies backing up its effectivity.... Continue Reading →

30 weeks!

Or--these will be actual, outside babies sometime in the next eight weeks. EIGHT! That's a single digit number of weeks, which isn't very many. I'm not ready!! My belly button is getting closer, but still hasn't popped. Looks like I have another light linea negra below my belly button, but of course I can't see... Continue Reading →

28 weeks

An amazing thing happened two mornings ago: I squeezed the tube of toothpaste! I hadn't been able to do that for about two weeks with that stupid thumb pain. I still can't bend it very far on its own, but if I push down and bend it, it doesn't hurt. My hands are still painful,... Continue Reading →

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