The M Word

Last week was Mother's Day. My first official Mother's Day. (Last year I was secretly pregnant for Mother's Day, and also we were ending our trip in central Europe.) I was hoping that by now I would have been able to put together some words about being a mother. But...I haven't. I can't. It's so... Continue Reading →

Easter Funnies

Get it? Instead of Easter bunnies?? Haha! Anyway, take a look at our Easter photo attempts on Sunday afternoon. They crack me up! Poor babies. 🙂    

First Christmas Time Capsule

Dear babies, 2012 was your first Christmas. You were five weeks old and you slept most of the day. You're still squishy, lovey babies. You weigh somewhere between 7-8 pounds and you're both around 20 inches long. You're still wearing newborn-size clothes, though you'll be ready for 0-3 month pretty soon. We grab whatever onesie... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

2007 was the first year I got my own Christmas tree. It was a fake tree, twenty bucks at Target. It was a nice little tree, and I really enjoyed having a little Christmas cheer in my cozy studio apartment. In 2010, we finally bought a real tree for Christmas, and haven't looked back since.... Continue Reading →

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