20 Months Old

Dear sweet babies, Wow, another fun month! You continue to explore and learn and generally be interested in the world. Here's what you did as 19-month-olds. These are the words you know, as of this month: Mama, Dada, no, yeah, uh oh, bye-bye, hi, all done/all gone, yay, ball, basketball, bubble, light, more, outside, fish,... Continue Reading →

19 Months Old

Dear Sweet Toddler Babies, You are now 19 months old, cruising downhill toward two. But never mind that for now. You're continuing to get more sophisticated with your knowledge and understanding about everything. It's really entertaining to see you do so many things--we're always in awe of how much you know! Your grandparents visited! They... Continue Reading →

18 months old?!

Dear sweet babies, Wow, this is such an interesting time. You are getting SO BIG but really, you're still teeny tiny little people. You are growing and learning and hugging and laughing, and we love it all. Here's the cool stuff you did as 17 month olds: You're growing well: Et: 25 pounds, 32.5 inches,... Continue Reading →

Seventeen Months Old

My dear sweet babies, You are seventeen months old! Almost one and a half--farther and farther away from being babies. But it continues to be fascinating and adorable to see you develop and grow in so many ways. Here are some of the fun and interesting things you did as 16 month olds. First, with... Continue Reading →

Sixteen Months Old

Dear sweet babies, Sixteen month old toddlers! So much going on! You aren't talking yet, but you're definitely growing -- we finally put you in 18 month clothes, and they are not loose. M, you have four molars and a peek of a canine, and E, you have three molars. You had your 15 month... Continue Reading →

Fifteen Months Old

Dear sweet babies, You are not babies anymore--this month you definitely started acting more like toddlers! So many changes, so much growth. It's been fascinating, and fun, and a little frustrating. Here's what you did as 14 month olds: You don't talk yet, but you have been doing a lot of physical development. First big... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Months Old!

Dear sweet babies who are technically no longer babies, Thirteen months! More than a year! Ack. That was the best 'birthday' photo I got of you guys because you do NOT want to just sit still, at least not on the couch. You'd rather crawl sideways or try to lean OFF the couch. Oh boy--soon... Continue Reading →

Twelve Months!! One Year Old!!

My dear sweet babies, You are twelve months old--you have been alive for an entire YEAR! You're a year old! I can't believe it. No, really--one year olds are practically little kids, but that can't be you yet! What happened to my tiny babies?? How has it been a year already?? I've been thinking a... Continue Reading →

Eleven Months

Dear sweet babies, You are eleven months old! That means, good lord, you're going to be a whole YEAR old soon! My mama heart cannot believe it. I will continue to call you my babies even after you start toddling around, and probably far after that as well. You are really starting to really become... Continue Reading →

10 months!

My dear sweet babies, Ten months! Double digit months! I can't believe it. This has been a big month--you are learning and doing so much! Here's what you did and learned as nine-month-olds: E, big news for you this month--you finished wearing your helmet! Obviously the biggest thing for both of you is that within... Continue Reading →

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