Schedule update v2: What We’re Doing Now. (2.5 months)

Babies started sleeping longer at 8 weeks, so for the last three weeks our schedule has changed. They're 11 weeks old now and they eat every 3-4 hours (before, they were pretty regularly eating every 3.5 hours). We now actually look for their cues (rooting, eating their hands, sudden crying)--sometimes they're hungry in 3 hours,... Continue Reading →

Feeding twins: Our daily grind. Schedule update v1: (6 weeks)

While in the hospital, the baby nurses made sure that the babies ate every three hours. However, since we depended on someone else coming in, the schedule was pretty fluid, changing times every day. When we first came home, that continued--every feeding every day was different. We were still figuring out how we wanted to... Continue Reading →

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