Toddler Talk!

I think one of the best things about having toddlers is hearing their little voices, the cute ways they have of speaking, their quirks as they learn to talk. And having twin toddlers means that we get to hear them actually talk to each other–our boys totally have conversations! It’s adorable and awesome and we’re already pre-nostalgic, knowing that soon enough they’ll be talking like normal big kids.

We’ve been keeping a little list of the things they say:

“You okay, mama?” “Feel better, mama?” They’ll put their little hand on my shoulder and lean in, saying it sort of with a whisper. This then became a game, where they tell me to “Be sad” with a grin, and then I make a sad face, and they say, “You need a hug?” and then I get a really sweet toddler hug. 🙂

“I sad/I happy” They say this both genuinely, out of the blue (often related to food!). And at bedtime, if Daddy doesn’t come back for a third round of hugs, M will call out, “I sad! I very sad!”

They say “thank you” / “you’re welcome” all the time. They’re okay at saying “please,” too (and they often include the sign!). We occasionally remind them about it but they just include it most of the time. This makes me pretty happy, because it means that we’re speaking nicely to them and each other and they’re picking up on that. Hurray, we’re not failing as parents!

Of course, this is a big one: “I do it by self!” (now “myself”) Many times we will do something innocuous (like close a door) and they go all toddler cliche 101: jump up and down in frustration, face getting red, crying, “I do it! I do it!”

At the end of naptime, and sometimes in the mornings, we hear a little voice call out, “I awake! {pause} I awake!”

When having a chip or a cracker:  “E choose!” “Okay, you can choose one.” “Choose two,” he says with a cheeky grin.

“Let’s do dat!”

“I want it (blank)” Like the “it” is part of the “I want” phrase. Often followed by, “I neeeed it.” (We like to entertain ourselves by asking them, “Do you want it, or do you need it?” To which they *always* reply, “I need it!”)

Funny adjectives: “Big-one cracker/small-one cracker”

They’ll walk or pedal away, saying, “I’ll be right back” or “I’ll be back in 35 minutes.” Then a moment later, “I back!”

Awhile back, we started “Talk about day” during bedtime tuck-in, where we recount the fun happenings of the day. This morphed into “Talk about it,” for things that they encountered or read about, like waterfalls, oceans, harpoons, all kinds of random things. So we give a little explanation, and then immediately they say, “Talk about it again.” Etc etc. To the point where if our explanation is ‘wrong’ they will correct us!

When they’re mad at me, or if I want them to do something they don’t like, they’ll angrily say, “No dank you, mama! Go away! Dat not nice!/Dat’s not okay! I don’t like dat!”

“Ummm no” and “Ummmm yeah” and “Okay!” are just little cute things they say all the time.

“Are you little or are you big? “I big!” (For awhile they would say, “I little.” Once or twice I’ve heard one say, “I grown up!” Ooh boy.)

Obviously learned from us: “One more minute”  and “In a minute” but it’s when we’re trying to do things like brush their teeth. They also say to us and to each other, “Walk away!” when they’re mad. We’ve never said this, so it must be something they hear at daycare.

Again, repeating from us, if they’re really upset or not feeling good, they say, “I having a hard time” with a pitiful little pout. Hugs and cuddles ensue.

They went through a phase about names. They would ask us, “What’s your name?” and we would have them name everyone. They also started saying their full complete name, including middle names. And sometimes they pretend and say other things like, “My name is…Seattle! My name is…George!”

Sometimes E doesn’t want me to kiss him, and so he gives me a face and says, “Take it back!” And I do a little pinching motion wherever I’d kissed him to ‘remove’ the kiss, and he giggles. 🙂

E also likes to say, “I puppy I kitty”. He’ll sometimes do a little mewl/whine too.

They are counting pretty well!

They love listening to the kid songs/CDs, and they’re very opinionated. Sometimes they say, “I don’t want that song” and if one of us starts singing along, they say, “No, don’t sing!” Or they’ll say, “People sing!” People means the ‘real’ song.

They’re in a bit of a clingy phase and if one of us leaves (mostly it’s only for Daddy though), they get really upset and cry, “Don’t go!” The other day I left on a walk and E said, “No, don’t go. I miss you.” Aww! And then whenever we return, their little voices go, “You back now?”

If they see anything food-related, even a dish that they can’t see into, they say, “Pees have some? I want one bite.”

“Want to play blocks/read books/etc wif me?”

“You ouched me!”

Some words they say cutely: Carouself, beena (banana), water mountain, mee-yulk (milk), pack-pack, where it is?, and there are lots of words where they replace a sound with F (like “trash trucks” and “quick”).

One morning when I got E out of his crib, he announced, “I snugging all my fwiends. My fwiends is cute.”



And just for posterity, here are the conversations and quotes that we’ve shared on social media:

Scene in the car:

[E is holding a little bag of Legos.]
M: It’s my turn now. Pwease?
E: No. I’m sowwy. You can’t have it right now.
M: But I asked bery nicely!
E: I sorry.
M: I so sad now!
E: I sorry you sad.


A: (gets E dressed) You’re so stylish!
E: No, I E.
M: Can you make me feel better give me a kiss?
Me: Sure! *kiss*
M: Thanks!
Me: (sneezes)
E: Bless you.
Me: Oh thank you.
E: You’re welcome.


A: I think if we want to find more berries we’ll need to walk over to the next row of vines.
E: Oh! Daddy, you so wise


I did some rosebush pruning while they were playing outside and they of course came over to watch:
Me: (grunting while snipping a bigger stem)
E: Mama, you very strong!

The BuddingSTEM tshirt arrived today. I told them I had a present for them.
Them: I want a present!
(They unwrap what’s in the package, I show them the choo-choo train shirt excitedly. They love trains! )
E, after a pause: I want a present!

M: (pointing at my arm) So many ouchies!
Me: Oh, those aren’t ouchies, those are freckles.
M: Yeah, pockles.
Getting in the car after the park:
E: (climbing into the front seat and sitting in it, protesting when I try to take him out) I old! I old!
Playing in the car (off, in the garage):
E: Love you so much! Go away!


M said, “Bye, see you later, I going get pizza!”


Totally unprompted, M walked by me and said, “Your hair look nice,” and a moment later, hugged my leg and said, “Nice dress.”


E: “Feed me!”
M: “No kisses!”
E: “Quiet, Mama– I talking.”