Pumping for Twins

I'm finally posting this on the one-year anniversary! On the babies' seven month 'birthday,' I pumped for the last time. Yes, I was finally DONE WITH PUMPING. It felt like a major decision. And for a long time I still didn't know how I felt about it! Once I knew that I didn't want to... Continue Reading →

A few practical baby tips

I hate the word 'tips'. (Almost as much as I hate the word 'strategies.') Tips are supposed to be NEW things, that you didn't already know, that can help you. And yet. Have you noticed? Every single article with tips (10 tips to a slimmer you! The 5 best pregnancy tips! 20 tips for teachers!)... Continue Reading →

I’m a Hater.

No joke, one of the first things that I started worrying about after getting pregnant was names. Seriously. I Hate Your Kids' NamesĀ  (I originally wanted to use that for this post title, but didn't want to outright insult anyone.) I hate most names. Either they're just stupid (Axel! Nevaeh!), or trendy (Brayden and all... Continue Reading →

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