Our Spring and Summer in the time of Coronavirus

We have been so lucky. So, so lucky. My side gig as a substitute teacher obviously stopped abruptly, and my photography work did too, until mid-summer. However--Mr A still has his job because his company has always been remote. And with no child care costs, we are doing just fine financially. The boys are at... Continue Reading →

On Kindergarten

The boys completed kindergarten! I couldn't believe we were sending our little (they are so little once again at this age!) innocent souls out into the world. Were they ready? Were we ready? What would happen to them?! They were totally ready. Of course. And they had a wonderful year! They grew into their own... Continue Reading →

Starting School! A ramble

Our boys will begin kindergarten this week. I think I need to say that again because even though I've said it a lot in the last few months, the gravity of the idea still hasn't quite sunk in. (Hence the wandering mess that I'm sharing with you here.) E and M are starting school this... Continue Reading →

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