28 weeks

An amazing thing happened two mornings ago: I squeezed the tube of toothpaste! I hadn't been able to do that for about two weeks with that stupid thumb pain. I still can't bend it very far on its own, but if I push down and bend it, it doesn't hurt. My hands are still painful,... Continue Reading →

Moving On In

Backing up just a bit, there was a big move! Our POD container arrived on Thursday midday. We weren't able to schedule movers at the last minute for that day and we were leaving again the following afternoon. Happily, my mom and her friend came down to help us out. And thank goodness, because I... Continue Reading →

What a Difference

People ask me what brought us here and/or why we moved. I usually answer something about a lifestyle change. Now that we've been here for two weeks, there are some things about this new lifestyle that are pretty great indeed. It's a lot of small things, but the ease of doing so many things is... Continue Reading →

27 weeks: ouch

When were at the new doctor's office last week, I got on the scale and it was official--180. One hundred eighty pounds. That's THIRTY pounds gained--and not even seven months along! I think the Brooklyn doctor originally suggested 35 pounds of weight gain for the entire pregnancy. Oops! The thing, though, is that other than... Continue Reading →

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