Tulips, take 2

As I mentioned last year, I have been looking forward to this year's outing to Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival! We found time to go on a Wednesday afternoon to avoid the big crowds. The tulips were at their peak, the sun was out--it was a gorgeous day to see some gorgeous flowers. Mt Hood in... Continue Reading →

How We Keep Our House Clean

Hang on a sec, let me finish laughing. Hahahahaha. "Clean." Hahahahaha. That's hilarious. We are kind of slobs. Wait, that doesn't sound right; we aren't dirty or living in filth or anything. We just get lazy about things like vacuuming and dusting. It's not a priority for us. And I'm hoping that we're not the... Continue Reading →

Learning More Stuff

Apparently the babies have figured out a new skill--by themselves this time. Yesterday I grabbed the broom to do a quick kitchen sweep. As I was sweeping, M was watching me, and then after a moment he went and grabbed the dustpan. He held it pointed on the ground and sort of banged it. After... Continue Reading →

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