Easter 2016!

Just as this past Halloween and Christmas felt like the boys' first 'real' holidays, this Easter was the best one yet. They were so excited about the Easter Bunny coming to visit, and doing some egg hunts. We attended a group Easter egg hunt and brunch at a golf course. They were psyched for the... Continue Reading →

Spring 2015: Easter and Tulips

Early April was a busy time! First Andy went on a short work trip, and my mom came down to visit and help out. That weekend was Easter, and we took a trip to see the Easter bunny on Saturday. (Since it was the day before, there was no line! We also hit up the... Continue Reading →

Easter Funnies

Get it? Instead of Easter bunnies?? Haha! Anyway, take a look at our Easter photo attempts on Sunday afternoon. They crack me up! Poor babies. 🙂    

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