Summer 2019 Adventures: Trillium Lake!

On the Fourth of July, we decided to go somewhere new: Trillium Lake. My jaw dropped as soon as the lake came into view. WOW. It was a beautiful day, and I couldn't stop taking pictures because this view was just so freaking perfect. That blue blue sky, the deep green trees, the mountain, and... Continue Reading →

Astoria! Coast Trip 2017

Our summer coast adventure this summer was to Astoria! We hadn't been there before, so it was fun to explore a new place. We went on Labor Day for two nights, so there weren't too many people aorund. Unfortunately, it was also when that horrible Eagle Creek fire started, and the smoke followed us all... Continue Reading →

2014 Oregon Coast Daytrips!

Spending the day out in nature or on a little roadtrip is just the kind of thing that PNW'ers are supposed to do. Up to now we've only done it sparingly (because, you know, twins...also, we're lazy sometimes), but after our second great coast overnight this summer, when the dudes had such a good time... Continue Reading →

Summer Bucket List #7: The Coast!!

Woohoo, we finally made it to the coast! This was the outing I've been most looking forward to all year! This was our first 'real' vacation with the babies. We've only stayed overnight at someone's house before, but after the success earlier this summer, we were hopeful that the babies would do okay with a... Continue Reading →

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