Summer 2019 Adventures: Trillium Lake!

On the Fourth of July, we decided to go somewhere new: Trillium Lake.

My jaw dropped as soon as the lake came into view. WOW. It was a beautiful day, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures because this view was just so freaking perfect. That blue blue sky, the deep green trees, the mountain, and all the reflections in the water.

We had our camp chairs with us, so we set up and enjoyed the view, and then waded into the water. We weren’t prepared with swimsuits or anything, but the water was quite chilly.

At the end of the month, before school started up again, we headed east to the lake one more time. And spontaneously bought a small boat on the way!

The boys had a BLAST rowing the tiny boat. It was not easy! And the boat barely held one adult and one kid.


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