Family Movie Night

Nerd Alert! I made a giant list of family/kid movies, sorted by date released:

Our family started movie nights a couple years ago, but it was sporadic. Last year, we started doing it every Saturday night pretty regularly. Mr. A also makes homemade pizza and popcorn.

Like all media decisions, we had a hard time thinking about what movie to watch. My brain, naturally, would go blank and I would not be able to remember any movies at all.

I went to look on the internet, figuring there would be a list somewhere. I saw lists of ‘best’ kids movies, or new kids movies, or whatever. No overall list. Then I realized I would get to make one–a tracker! I love trackers!

I began with all the Disney movies. Then Pixar movies. Then I added in the live-action movies that I could remember. I’m still adding them as I see them. I’m adding the date we watch each one. Then I added the more intermediate/older kid movies so I could share with other families. (My 8yos are not ready for Indiana Jones or Little Shop of Horrors yet.)

At the top of the post is a link to a blank list for anyone who wants one! I know I’m not the only one who a) is a big ol’ nerd for spreadsheets and b) can’t think of movies to watch.

I have not kept up very well with animated or family movies since about mid-90s, so there’s a ton on here that I’m also seeing for the first time (like the Toy Story series!). Plus I’m so happy to be sharing movies I loved as a kid, like Goonies and the Princess Bride! What are your favorite kid movies?

Here’s a few of the movies in my own stash. We totally watched that Little Mermaid VHS! Anyone else still have some old VHS tapes around??

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