Anecdotes of Five and a Half

We took the boys to get donuts on a Sunday morning. But we waited too long and forgot to give them a snack and it got too close to lunchtime, which of course is a recipe for disaster. So they wanted to eat the donuts at the shop, but there wasn’t a place to sit... Continue Reading →

Having It All

Another post from over a year ago. The babies have changed so much, and yet my day-to-day mama experience is pretty much still the same. Seriously, I need more hours in the day. Hahahahahahahahaha. {breath} Hahahahahaha. That's funny. At this point I would settle for having some of it. Whatever "it" is. I currently have... Continue Reading →


I am tired today. I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of staying up late to pump, even though I don't have to stay up as late as I used to. I am REALLY tired of pumping while feeding two babies simultaneously. I hate it, in fact. I'm tired of my butt feeling numb from... Continue Reading →

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