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Hey just a quick blog announcement--I finally made a separate list on my sidebar blogroll for twin blogs. So check it out--are you on there? If not, comment with your site so I can add you! Who are your other favorite twin bloggers that I should read?

Thank you

Wow, thank you so much, everyone, for your kind words on the last post! So lovely and heartwarming. I am much less emotional about it now. It's been a week and a half with the helmet, and I'm pretty much used to/resigned to it. E is still doing just fine with it and doesn't seem... Continue Reading →

Blog ADD

First, I really dislike when people throw around actual medical diagnoses as personality quirks. Liking your towels folded a certain way does not mean you have OCD. Stop it. That said, I honestly feel like my attention to blog posts is in deficit sometimes. I have nineteen drafts at the moment, and here I am... Continue Reading →

Damn you, Google Reader

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I'm still in denial that Google Reader is going away. Stop trying to make Google+ happen! Anyway, I've 'claimed' this blog with Bloglovin. Please follow me there or with whatever other reader site you're using. 🙂 I have, no joke, 16 other drafts waiting...I need to find an entire day... Continue Reading →

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