Why I don’t have any good pictures of both twins at the same time

  I wasn't actively trying to get them to look at me or anything, I just wanted to get them both sitting in their baby adirondacks. These are all the photos I took, just so you can get a feel for what I deal with any time I bring out the camera. 🙂 And/or to... Continue Reading →

What It Means to Have Two Babies at the Same Time

Only one pregnancy but two babies! One pregnancy but a lot more risk, worry, and monitoring. Both mom and dad get to hold and hug a baby. No jealousy. If multiple visitors come over, there are two babies to hold and snuggle. Babies all around! Every time I give one baby a big hug, I... Continue Reading →

Things I Wish I Had Known

I read a lot, in general. So of course when I was pregnant, I was excited to read books and blogs and learn new things about pregnancy and babies. However, I was disappointed because all the books (hahaha, "all the books"; I read like three) and blogs have the same old information. Fetus size compared... Continue Reading →

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