Good and bad

So the babies learned a new skill! They can point to/grab body parts--hair, ears, feet, belly, nose. It's pretty neat and pretty cute. They will also grab our ears, nose, etc--and geez, do they have a strong grip. And sharp baby nails--ouch. The bad news is that I had to be told about this new... Continue Reading →

Things Right Now

I have mentioned the hugging in a couple other posts. But seriously. It is the best thing. Especially when I pick them up at daycare: when they see me, they get this big smile, walk over to me, and put their arms around me. * Babies have started getting into our trash cans. They know... Continue Reading →

Sixteen Months Old

Dear sweet babies, Sixteen month old toddlers! So much going on! You aren't talking yet, but you're definitely growing -- we finally put you in 18 month clothes, and they are not loose. M, you have four molars and a peek of a canine, and E, you have three molars. You had your 15 month... Continue Reading →

St Patrick’s Day Photo Series

Every month and every holiday, I take "official" photos of the babies. As they get older, it's only gotten more difficult. I imagine that there are babies out there who sit still and play with props, but I don't have any of those anymore. Both of these babies do not want to sit still, and... Continue Reading →

Fifteen Months Old

Dear sweet babies, You are not babies anymore--this month you definitely started acting more like toddlers! So many changes, so much growth. It's been fascinating, and fun, and a little frustrating. Here's what you did as 14 month olds: You don't talk yet, but you have been doing a lot of physical development. First big... Continue Reading →

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