What It Means to Have Two Babies at the Same Time

Only one pregnancy but two babies! One pregnancy but a lot more risk, worry, and monitoring. Both mom and dad get to hold and hug a baby. No jealousy. If multiple visitors come over, there are two babies to hold and snuggle. Babies all around! Every time I give one baby a big hug, I... Continue Reading →

The Mama Matters

I'm in a lot of online groups, and many of them revolve around parenting or babies/kids. Often there are posts from moms who are exhausted and frazzled and emotional. I never have much actual advice, but I like to chime in and say something like, "Your mental health and sanity is really important. You matter... Continue Reading →

Things Right Now

I have mentioned the hugging in a couple other posts. But seriously. It is the best thing. Especially when I pick them up at daycare: when they see me, they get this big smile, walk over to me, and put their arms around me. * Babies have started getting into our trash cans. They know... Continue Reading →

First Birthday Party

At first we weren't going to do anything for the twins' first birthday. See, we still don't know that many people here, and their birthday falls near Thanksgiving, when a lot of people leave town, plus I didn't want to plan a "thing" or even have an official "to-do." Plus of course, the babies don't... Continue Reading →

Second Haircuts

After the babies turned eleven months old, they had some seriously shagadelic hair going on. It was getting ridiculous, so I bit the bullet and booked for their second ever haircuts.  After the fiasco last time, I decided to do the haircuts on a day our nanny was here, so that she could go with... Continue Reading →


One of the great things about a very tiny baby is that you have explicit permission to do whatever works. Anything that gets you through the day, anything that gets that baby to sleep or stay calm, DO IT! Guilt-free! Safe in the knowledge that you are helping your baby be happy and healthy! It's... Continue Reading →

Milestones: Daycare and Illness

Well, we are now officially a daycare family. Two weeks ago, the babies went to daycare all by themselves. We did half days that first week, Andy doing drop off and me picking up. It all went swimmingly! They ate, they napped, they played, they didn't cry at dropoff. Woo! And then. On Friday, Ewas... Continue Reading →

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