Family Movie Night

Nerd Alert! I made a giant list of family/kid movies, sorted by date released: Our family started movie nights a couple years ago, but it was sporadic. Last year, we started doing it every Saturday night pretty regularly. Mr. A also makes homemade pizza and popcorn. Like all media decisions, we had a hard... Continue Reading →

Flying with Twin Toddlers

We have just completed our first plane trip with our 2.5 year old boys, which obviously makes me a top expert in the field of traveling with toddlers! Haha, obviously that's a joke. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the long weekend went overall, and wanted to share some tidbits in case they're... Continue Reading →

Before and After Baby Tips

What I'm glad I did before babies were born: Joined the local twins' club (the classified section was a huge help; we got to shop early at the club consignment sale; we got to meet other new and expectant twin families in town) Took photos every week to document my belly growth (see them here!)... Continue Reading →

Acknowledgements and Apologies

I wanted to take a moment away from all-cute-babies-all-the-time to address a few points. First and foremost, I hope I haven't offended or irritated or annoyed anyone by being preachy or braggy or something terrible like that. (If it's my personality that's annoyed you, well, you might be out of luck. :/) This having-twins thing... Continue Reading →

A few practical baby tips

I hate the word 'tips'. (Almost as much as I hate the word 'strategies.') Tips are supposed to be NEW things, that you didn't already know, that can help you. And yet. Have you noticed? Every single article with tips (10 tips to a slimmer you! The 5 best pregnancy tips! 20 tips for teachers!)... Continue Reading →

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