Sleep, sleep, sleep

The babies' sleep regression lasted a little less than three weeks. It was the same kind of regression they had earlier this year (the 4 month sleep regression that hit them around 5.5 months; this 9 month regression hit around 10 months). As far as these things go, it probably wasn't too awful--an hour to... Continue Reading →


Thanks to Ask Moxie, I learned about growth spurts and sleep regressions long before it would ever be time for our babies to go through them. I blame pretty much blame any weirdness on one or the other. However, as their four month 'birthday' came and went, I wondered if somehow we had escaped the... Continue Reading →

Is it really true??

The babies slept through the night last night!!! Ready for our secret? Well, too bad. We don't have one. We didn't do anything. The babies apparently sleep trained themselves and we just allowed it to happen. Here's the progression. In January, they dropped one of the overnight feedings and started sleeping 5-6 hours. (It started... Continue Reading →


A few of our recent challenges, along with some semi-related photos/video. * I think last week we got through the six-week growth spurt! I didn't know about growth spurts and what they involved until reading about it on my friend Ask Moxie's knowledgeable site and facebook community. Our growth spurt--or what I assumed was the... Continue Reading →

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