St Patrick’s Day Photo Series

Every month and every holiday, I take "official" photos of the babies. As they get older, it's only gotten more difficult. I imagine that there are babies out there who sit still and play with props, but I don't have any of those anymore. Both of these babies do not want to sit still, and... Continue Reading →

The M Word

Last week was Mother's Day. My first official Mother's Day. (Last year I was secretly pregnant for Mother's Day, and also we were ending our trip in central Europe.) I was hoping that by now I would have been able to put together some words about being a mother. But...I haven't. I can't. It's so... Continue Reading →

Rhododendron Garden

Last fall and winter, I joined a bunch of groups, in hopes of meeting people and learning about interesting places in Portland. One was a group called New to Portland Moms. Well! That's exactly who I was (or who I was about to be)! They are a very active group, with outings most days... Continue Reading →

Tulip Festival!

On Thursday afternoon, we did an afternoon outing at the Woodburn Tulip Festival! Though I grew up in the Seattle suburbs, I never went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I would hear about it and be so interested, but I never made the effort to actually go. A few weeks ago I was thinking... Continue Reading →

Easter Funnies

Get it? Instead of Easter bunnies?? Haha! Anyway, take a look at our Easter photo attempts on Sunday afternoon. They crack me up! Poor babies. 🙂    

DIY Maternity Photos

If we had the budget for it, I would have loved to do a professional maternity photo session. This is a once in a lifetime experience (we hope!), and I know that I will enjoy looking back on the photographic evidence of this pregnancy journey. Alas, we don't have that budget. I do plan to... Continue Reading →

Out and About

Here's what we've been up to in October: When Andy went back to Brooklyn for a long weekend at the New Yorker Festival, I went up to Seattle to see family one last time. I also got to go to Issaquah Salmon Days, my favorite small-town festival! And then some lovely ladies threw me a... Continue Reading →

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