Summer Bucket List #5 and #6: Brunch and Party

#5: Brunch with babies! So we'd had the babies with us in a couple other restaurant situations. They had sat in high chairs in a couple fast food places, and we did one fairly-quick Red Robin dinner with my dad. But I wanted to do a purposeful restaurant outing with just the four of us... Continue Reading →

Summer Family Road Trip

Part 2 of our busy family July was a road trip up to Seattle for a long weekend. We were there mainly to see some family (mine this time), but also took the opportunity to play tourist with the babies. I only realized after we'd gotten back home that we neglected to take grandparent photos.... Continue Reading →

Summer Family Time

This July has been a busy, fun time that included a lot of special family time for the babies. First up, Andy's parents and sister came out to visit for a long weekend. His parents were here for a week when the babies were six weeks old, so E&M have changed just a bit since... Continue Reading →

Eight Months Old

Dear sweet babies, You are eight months old! Where did my teeny tiny babies go? Why are you getting so big?! You're starting to look so old, like little boys instead of babies. Makes me sad. But you're still the cutest babies around, so I guess we'll keep you. 🙂 Here's all the cool stuff... Continue Reading →

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