Summer Family Time

This July has been a busy, fun time that included a lot of special family time for the babies.

First up, Andy’s parents and sister came out to visit for a long weekend. His parents were here for a week when the babies were six weeks old, so E&M have changed just a bit since then! 🙂 The grandparents were so, so happy to hang out with and snuggle the babies. And this was the first time Auntie E met the twins–they loved her and she loved them!

It was only a precious few days that we all had together. I know that they would love to see the babies all the time, so in the meantime we share lots of photos and we FaceTime regularly.

Not pictured: one of the evenings, we got a babysitter and all of us went out for a lovely, grown-up dinner at Salty’s on the Columbia. Another evening, Andy and his sister had a delicious sushi dinner. Good family time.

And now for lots of great family+baby photos!

We had some time to hang out at home:

DSC_6249-1 DSC_6252-2 DSC_6258-4  DSC_6277-7 DSC_6281-8 DSC_6391-1 DSC_6398-2 DSC_6400-4 DSC_6417-6

We got out and about a bit too: for some burgers, to the Rose Garden, and berry-picking.

DSC_6262-6DSC_6473-11 DSC_6480-13 DSC_6494-14 DSC_6499-15


DSC_6501-16 DSC_6508-17 DSC_6513-18 DSC_6518-19

We can’t wait to see you all again!

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