Three Months Old!

Dear babies, I would swear it was like a week ago that you were turning two months. But you've just turned three months already! That sounds so old--time is really starting to go quickly. Ack! You're officially infants, no longer newborns. 😦 You are continuing to grow, though it seems like it's slowed down a... Continue Reading →

Is it really true??

The babies slept through the night last night!!! Ready for our secret? Well, too bad. We don't have one. We didn't do anything. The babies apparently sleep trained themselves and we just allowed it to happen. Here's the progression. In January, they dropped one of the overnight feedings and started sleeping 5-6 hours. (It started... Continue Reading →

Things I Wish I Had Known

I read a lot, in general. So of course when I was pregnant, I was excited to read books and blogs and learn new things about pregnancy and babies. However, I was disappointed because all the books (hahaha, "all the books"; I read like three) and blogs have the same old information. Fetus size compared... Continue Reading →

the other side of the curtain

Recently I attended a brunch party/gathering hosted by our local twins club. There were a ton of people there--most of them were parents of twin babies, but a good number were expectant parents. I ended up chatting with a couple people, including one girl who's due in a few months. She asked a few questions... Continue Reading →


Our babies are twelve weeks old today. They're now 'real babies', because the 'fourth trimester' stage is over. Same baby, same socks. Above: two days old. Below: eight weeks old. So many things have changed since they were born, and it's really hard to fully 'get.' I look at the first few weeks of pictures... Continue Reading →

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