Fourteen Months Old

My dear sweet babies, Well, I think it's official--you are toddlers! Or at least you're acting like it. Your development has fairly exploded this month--there is SO much that you have learned to do! Almost all of it is really fun to see and experience. Neither of you can stand up without pulling up on... Continue Reading →

Our Favorite Toys for Babies, 6-12 month edition

¬†When I went to the big twins club re-sale last spring, I had a very specific list of items that I knew the babies would need in the short term. When I saw the huge area of big toys, I froze. I tried to think about the next 5-6 months and what the babies would... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Months Old!

Dear sweet babies who are technically no longer babies, Thirteen months! More than a year! Ack. That was the best 'birthday' photo I got of you guys because you do NOT want to just sit still, at least not on the couch. You'd rather crawl sideways or try to lean OFF the couch. Oh boy--soon... Continue Reading →

December Darkness

Hallelujah, we've made it to January--past the solstice! I am so relieved. For months, I was dreading this December. Hoping it wouldn't be anything like last December. I should share that I have a mental image of the calendar year, as basically a single column of all the months (like this), so December is at... Continue Reading →

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