Summer Bucket List #5 and #6: Brunch and Party

#5: Brunch with babies! So we'd had the babies with us in a couple other restaurant situations. They had sat in high chairs in a couple fast food places, and we did one fairly-quick Red Robin dinner with my dad. But I wanted to do a purposeful restaurant outing with just the four of us... Continue Reading →

Summer Bucket List #4: Berry Picking!

Two summers ago, we visited Portland and did a short visit to Sauvie Island to get some fresh corn at one of the many farms, and enjoy the rural scenery. And then a year ago, we went apple picking in the Berkshires and really enjoyed it. So, since we moved here to Portland, I've been... Continue Reading →

Summer Bucket List #3: the Yard!

Well, more specifically, the kiddie pool! This was a simple one, but even so, I'm really excited I finally did it! I have a tendency to procrastinate (umm...see this post a few weeks late...) I went to Fred Meyer one weekend and their small plastic pools were only ten bucks. I also picked up two... Continue Reading →

Summer Bucket List #2: Mt Hood!

Please make sure to visit my photography page for non-family, beautiful-scenery-only photos! Last week we finally went to Mt Hood! I've been so excited to go there for months. This is one of the two outings I've been most looking forward to this summer, and I'm so happy we finally went! We decided to go... Continue Reading →

Summer Bucket List #1: the Falls!

This was a great first outing for our summer 'bucket list' because it was so easy! (More info on the 2013 Summer Bucket List Challenge here) Multnomah Falls is a popular sight in the Portland area--and it's only half an hour east on the freeway! The freeway (I-84) cruises between the Columbia River to the... Continue Reading →

Summer Bucket List

Francesca posted recently about the Summer Bucket List Challenge and I thought to myself, Ooh ooh! Yes, let's! Now, I'm kind of cheating, since I already had most of this list in my head as part of my goals for the summer/year. But it's a good excuse to be part of a bigger community of... Continue Reading →

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