Things I Love Thursday: Rompers

On some Thursdays, I’ll share something random that I’m really liking, enjoying, or appreciating. Just a little post to share a little snippet of life right now. I’d love to know if you also like these things, and what you’re randomly into these days!

We have declared this the summer of the romper!


See, we are folks who still prefer onesies for our little toddlers, instead of tshirts. Tshirts do not stay put, and they’re baggy and boxy, and they’re just not cute. Now, a little one wobbling around in a onesie? Freaking adorable. Plus, they never move.


Unfortunately, babies this age have to wear complete outfits. With this hot weather, we’ve of course been putting them in shorts. Baby shorts are also freaking adorable. But shorts over onesies means that changing diapers is a pain.


The romper solves all of these problems! Mainly because it’s ONE item of clothing, with ONE set of snaps. No moving things up or down, diaper changes are super easy (well, easy access–wrangling a wriggling toddler is never easy), and the whole thing stays put. Plus they are super cute! Lots of adorably chubby toddler legs on display. 🙂 I imagine they’re really comfortable for the kiddos, too–seems a lot more breathable than a shorts waistband.


What are you loving this Thursday?

What It Means to Have Two Babies at the Same Time

DSC_7951-18_WEBOnly one pregnancy but two babies!

One pregnancy but a lot more risk, worry, and monitoring.

Both mom and dad get to hold and hug a baby. No jealousy.

If multiple visitors come over, there are two babies to hold and snuggle. Babies all around!

Every time I give one baby a big hug, I feel the need to give the other baby a hug too, lest he feel left out. Same with saying I love you, cooing over cuteness, etc.

When one baby is making developments/meeting milestones, I worry about the other one if he’s not.

When I need to take them upstairs to nap and can only take one at a time, I have to think who I carried up first last time. I don’t want to always do one first and make the other one feel left out.

Same thing when they wake up from a nap–who to take first and make sure I’m alternating. (Our nanny has the same thoughts on this one, by the way.)

It is quite a feat to feed and burp two babies at once. Especially if you’re simultaneously pumping.

I worry about posting pictures unevenly, and as a corollary I often purposely alternate individual shots of them.

As another corollary, I’ll take similar shots of each and make a diptych so I’m not showing photographic favor of one over the other.

I don’t always like listing out their developments (even in my head) because inevitably one does something first and I don’t want the other one to feel bad. You know, in fifteen years when they’re reading internet antiques through their mind chips.

When they were itty bitty newborns, I could put both of them on my chest at once. Holding one baby on your chest is awesome. Two is exponentially more awesome.

I can’t pick up both of them at the same time (or at least not without hurting myself). So if they’re both crying, I can’t equally comfort them both.

I can sit down and hug them both. As they’ve gotten older, though, they’ve gotten not just bigger but also squirmier, so it’s tough to keep them both in my lap.

They will now try to comfort their upset brother: Hugs, gentle pats, fetching of lovey or bottle.

It’s a calculated risk to change one diaper because the other baby/toddler is now free to get into mischief.

They fight over toys. Even if they are both holding identical toys, each wants brother’s toy.

Every time you go to buy something, you have to decide if you should buy only one, or if you really need two.

The cost of most everything doubles. And/or, things last half as long.

Sometimes things come in sets of two already, which feels like a secret hat tip to twin parents.

Double strollers, though they can be great for what they are, will always be way more unwieldy than single strollers.

You can’t–well, I can’t–push a double stroller and a grocery cart at the same time. Therefore going shopping before they’re old enough to sit up in a cart is pretty much a no-go.

Once they are big enough for the cart, only one baby can sit in it, while the other baby has to be stuck in a carrier. (Except for Costco with their double carts!)

It’s really hard to take two babies to a class or solo outing. For one, you have to make sure that you can take one out of the stroller and leave the other one safely. Then, you have twice the work and twice the weight to carry/adjust.

They crawl and walk in opposite directions.

They entertain each other and themselves.

They will play by themselves, independently.

If they’re both into mischief, you can’t carry them both away. Once you move one, the other has gone back into the mischief, so you move that one, but the first made it back again…etc etc.

If one wakes up crying in the middle of the night, he might wake up the other one. If so, you can only pick up one at a time. Which then means a terrible cycle of pick one up and calm him, listen to the other cry. Put first one down, pick up and calm the second one, first one starts crying again. And so on.

If one makes some noise in the middle of the night, you may not know who it is unless they’re still actively crying.

They may not nap at the same time, or for the same amount of time. Which means that you can’t always bank on naptime for things like cleaning, reading, tv, or mama naptime.

If one is sick, both have to stay home from daycare.

The pediatrician co-pays really add up fast with two babies who rotate getting sick.

You don’t always have time or brainpower to use their names, and refer to them as ‘this one’ and ‘that one.’

When you pick up two babies from daycare, that means two sweet faces to light up, and two sets of little legs to crawl or toddle over, and two sets of little arms to hug you.

Nothing is ever easy with twins.

Life is never boring with twins!

20 Months Old

DSC_9340-002_WEB Dear sweet babies,

Wow, another fun month! You continue to explore and learn and generally be interested in the world. Here’s what you did as 19-month-olds.


These are the words you know, as of this month: Mama, Dada, no, yeah, uh oh, bye-bye, hi, all done/all gone, yay, ball, basketball, bubble, light, more, outside, fish, car, eyes, nose, trash, bike, baby ( ), apple, elbow, bunny (which really sounds like bubbee), up, Elmo, shh, wow, whee, let’s go. You also seem to say or whine, “Whyyyyy” when you’re upset and don’t want to be taken away from something fun, and we think we’ve heard you say, “Mine” too.


You can do animal sounds on cue too: caw caw, baaaa, roarr (for lion and for dinosaur), woof woof (really more like hoo hoo), ooh-ooh (for monkey)

Now that you say mama and dada, you like to ask about one of us (apparently especially with the nanny). You point upstairs and say, “mama?” Then someone might say, “She’s sleeping” and you go, “Shhh,” with your finger up to your lips (kind of inside your mouth). You’ll do the same if one of you wakes up before brother, and we say, “Brother is still in bed,” you go, “Shhh.”

That also means that when I come downstairs, one or both of you looks over at me and says, “Mama!” in this little happy voice with a smile. Makes my heart happy every time. 🙂

E, you have become the littlest litter patrol.(video: You were looking at the truck outside that has been working on the yard next door) You notice ANYTHING that might be “trash? trash? trash? trash?” until we both acknowledge and move the offending item. Maybe this means that you will be a very tidy person when you grow up! In the meantime, it’s very cute. (Except when we’re out in public, like at the playground, and there’s no trashcan. Hard to explain to you that we can’t go put it anywhere.)

One day we sang you guys Row Row Row Your Boat, and you LOVED IT. You can actually say “row row” (which is ADORABLE in your little baby voices) and you get a big smile and sometimes we do a ‘rowing’ motion (which is just clasping hands together and moving them back and forth).

You’ve gotten super interested in water play and pouring with cups (video: ). M, you can line up those little cups and pour them quite accurately from one to the other!


We let you discover escalators this month. This is an excellent free activity on afternoons when it’s too hot to play outside for long.


We had a daytrip adventure that included cherry picking! You loved picking the cherries from the trees, and putting them into your buckets. You also wanted to pick up all the cherries off the ground for your buckets.



Generally buckets are a fun thing for you; you love dumping out your wooden pegs and art flash cards, putting them into a bucket, and repeating.

We showed you this fishing toy that Grandma got for you last year. You’re finally ready to play with it, and you really like it! The ‘fish’ are made of fabric that the velcro fishing pole will ‘catch.’


Mama and Daddy finally tried and mastered the back carry in the Ergo. All four of us like it better!


At long last we allowed you on the big slide at one of the nearby playgrounds–with parental help, of course.

You started having Toddler Opinions about socks this month. We have lots of plain white socks, so it’s not surprising that you started noticing the few more colorful socks in your sock bin, and requesting to wear them! (By holding the socks up to one of us and nodding expectantly. Occasionally pointing to your foot or holding it out for us.) (This also means that–for now–it’s no longer a battle to put shoes on you. Phew!) So I found a few sets of colorful socks online, and you now have a whole array of colors, stars and stripes to choose from! Whee!


You still love being helpful. You like to help unload groceries; you can put yogurt containers away in the fridge, and E, you like to help ‘sort’ the laundry.


For a few weeks, you slept late in the mornings–til around 8, instead of 715/730. Then of course, you suddenly started waking up at 615. Mama and Daddy say No, Thank You to that. Too early! Not just for us, either; you were cranky and sleepy all morning when you woke up that early. So we’ve been attempting to tell you that it’s too early, to lay back down, and we’ll back soon to get you. We’ve also started putting a water bottle and a book in your crib with you, so that you can sip and entertain yourselves if you need to. Occasionally we’ll hear you reading a book to yourself when we’re not there–hopefully this becomes a fun, sweet habit. 🙂

You guys are seriously fun and sweet right now in general. We love playing with you and hugging you and telling you that we love you. You are so seriously CUTE and we can’t even take it.

love, mama

Things I Love Thursday: Sunhats

On some Thursdays, I’ll share something random that I’m really liking, enjoying, or appreciating. Just a little post to share a little snippet of life right now. I’d love to know if you also like these things, and what you’re randomly into these days!

At the end of May, I was at Target and bought myself a white floppy sunhat.

Oh my god, how did I not know that sunhats were the best thing ever?


I’m a fair-eyed gal who prefers wearing glasses. The Portland days are long, with the hottest, sunniest time of day at the end. We go outside pretty much every night after the twins’ dinner, when the sun is out and fierce and in my eyes. The playground near our house has no shade cover, and the sun seems to be EVERYWHERE. Even if I happen to have contacts in and can therefore wear my sunglasses, it is still not enough. Oh, the squinting, the sweating, the hand trying to shade my eyes and face in vain, the misery.

Enter the sunhat. No more squinting! I can wear my glasses and be very comfortable. My face is kept sun-free! What a revelation!


Sunhats have always seemed like a thing for older ladies, or for stylish younger women who can get away with effortless and whimsical things like hats, hoop earrings, and strappy shoes. But now I’m proudly pro-hat, even if I may not be cool enough to carry it off. (Or maybe I’m just old now. Whatevs.) What a happy difference it makes!

What are you loving this Thursday?

Having Toddlers

I’ve read and heard lots of parents say, “Oh wow, this age is so much fun!” About a variety of ages. I thought they were those crazy parents who loved everything all the time and who only saw things through rose-colored glasses. In short, I thought they were full of shit.

But it’s true! This age *is* fun! The twins are 19 months old and generally, we’re having a good time.

I realized that in the last few months, I haven’t been thinking about the early days of teensy tiny little newborns (I sort of mourned this stage for a long time, because I felt like I kind of didn’t pay enough attention).  I realized that I’m really enjoying who they are right now, and GASP, I also think they’re way cuter now than when they were tiny!

These little personalities have really started to develop and show, while their physical skills have taken off. They’re steady walkers, they can understand almost everything, they’re really becoming people!

They do silly things, they laugh, they crash into my arms for hugs, they crawl under me like I’m a bridge, they make up little games.

They still adore reading books (when they turn around and plop down into my lap–that is my second favorite thing after big hugs from them) and playing with blocks.  They can do chores and fetch! 🙂 They’re figuring out so many new things all the time.

They’re taller and can reach practically everything, and they give us this look when they’re doing something they’re not supposed to. They try to pry off the oven dial protectors. I caught one of them putting a pot and lid into the trash can. They also like to run off in different directions/at different speeds when we’re out and about, so we can only go out when there are two adults to chase after them.

They’re only just starting to say ‘no’ and get tantrum-y. They often want to be picked up and left alone–simultaneously. Neither is really ‘talking’, so they can’t communicate very much or very well, but they understand everything and have definite opinions about many things.

It still surprises me how little they are. I mean, mostly I am in awe about how huge they are, compared to the 5 pound teeny babies we brought home. Now they’re big, strapping toddlers. But when I’m away from them for a little bit, it’s amazing and fucking ADORABLE how small they still are, compared to big people. Those little legs, running everywhere. Those little feet, with jagged toenails they won’t let us clip. Their little hands wrapped around our arm, or reaching to hold our hand when taking a big step up or down.

Things aren’t always easy, but these little dudes are so wonderfully weird and delightful!

I swear I’m not full of shit, either. (However, we do have full-time child care, so I’m not with them 24/7. That makes it easier for me to be positive. :)) I’ve been terrified of the toddler stage since they were born, and I know that we haven’t hit the hardest age yet, so I’m trying hard to stay focused on the fun/good stuff and be patient through the hard stuff.



I mean, just look at those faces!

Also, I’m laughing/crying at this. I know it will be our future all too soon…

19 Months Old

Dear Sweet Toddler Babies,DSC_6898-001_WEB

You are now 19 months old, cruising downhill toward two. But never mind that for now. You’re continuing to get more sophisticated with your knowledge and understanding about everything. It’s really entertaining to see you do so many things–we’re always in awe of how much you know!DSC_6884_WEBDSC_6891_WEB

Your grandparents visited! They had so much fun cuddling and playing with you, and you loved cuddling and playing with them too!




They got you a kid-sized basketball hoop, and you LOVE IT. Especially you, E-you are still so excited when you see a basketball–you are kind of obsessed!


DSC_4906-6_WEB (2)

M, you are a little obsessed with being on the swings. You will just zone out for like twenty minutes and refuse to get out.


A few more words this moth: You both started saying “bah-bah” for “basketball.” M, right at the end of the month, you started saying “no” and “yeah.” You also say “more.” E, you started saying “apple” (for applesauce).

DSC_6828_WEB (2)

We also went up north for your Aunty’s college graduation. While we were up there, we saw you both hug each other at the same time! (Usually only one of you wants to hug the other.) It was kind of amazing to see your little arms around each other–it made my heart want to explode! But of course it only lasted for half a second before you were off and running again. You guys also loved exploring and hanging out with more relatives, like Uncle Cam, who hadn’t seen you for a year and a half!


You try to jump. It’s super cute–you bend your knees and then pop back up, with a ta-da kind of look. {VIDEO}

You did your first berry picking! Well, technically, you came with us a couple times last summer, but didn’t do anything. We went to pick strawberries, and you figured it out quickly. You also realized that they are yummy, and ate several right after picking, dirt and all.



You’ve been loving eating more strawberries and also grapes. Also, you’re a little obsessed with the freeze-dried blueberres/raspberries from Trader Joe’s.


A recent obsession has been wearing our shoes/walking with our shoes on. It’s really adorable, and you’re actually pretty good at it! Your little feet look so tiny in our giant shoes…I can’t believe that in a few short years, your feet will also be giant. 😦  {VIDEO}

And, since you are truly toddlers, you are having more tantrums. Generally for things not going the way you want, which is understandable since you can’t communicate very much or very well. Although, at this stage you don’t always seem to know what you do want…E, one day you refused to be put in your high chair and insisted on having your dinner on the floor. And since then you’ve mostly been happy only if you’re allowed to climb into your high chair by yourself, so we let you do that (with supervision, of course).


What’s super cool is that you try to comfort each other–one of you will try to rub your brother’s back, or pat his head when he’s upset.


Happily, you still want and need plenty of cuddles, and reading time on our laps, and you still run to us for hugs. I can totally forget about the tantrums when your little arms are around my neck. 🙂


We love you so much!

love, mama