Scenes from Tonight

So the other day E was playing with the empty laundry basket, and I randomly decided to lay him down in the basket and carry him as if he were laundry. And then I gave M a turn. They thought it was hilarious, I thought it was both hilarious and adorable. Tonight we did more... Continue Reading →

Practicing Walking

While we were at the orchard a few weeks ago, M took my hands and started walking! (M orchard) At home, I put him on the horsey and he walked in across the room, slowly and jerkily. He kept practicing and practicing. He also started cruising along the couch, but only in one direction (to... Continue Reading →

Milestones: Crawling!

On September 1, this happened: Both babies were up on all all fours. Within a day or two they figured out how to push backward on their hands, and would back up around the living room/play area. Occasionally one of them would end up under a table. Silly babies. They also got really good at... Continue Reading →

5 months old!

Dear sweet babies, Five months! What! You are happy, smiley babies. Happy chunky ones too--you're approximately 15 pounds and close to 25 inches. You're getting close to the end of 3m clothes. Here are some of the things you've been up to and learning this month: You discovered your voice--especially M. You figured out that... Continue Reading →

Four Months Old!

My dear sweet babies, You're four months old now! I can't believe it. As usual. You're growing well: you both weigh about 14 1/2 pounds, and you're both over 24 inches long. That means in four months you've just about tripled your size! No wonder--you're eating 6 ounces every three hours. We just put you... Continue Reading →


A few of our recent challenges, along with some semi-related photos/video. * I think last week we got through the six-week growth spurt! I didn't know about growth spurts and what they involved until reading about it on my friend Ask Moxie's knowledgeable site and facebook community. Our growth spurt--or what I assumed was the... Continue Reading →

28 weeks

An amazing thing happened two mornings ago: I squeezed the tube of toothpaste! I hadn't been able to do that for about two weeks with that stupid thumb pain. I still can't bend it very far on its own, but if I push down and bend it, it doesn't hurt. My hands are still painful,... Continue Reading →

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