What life is like right now {January 2016}

I thought it would be fun to include a full rundown of our current daily life in my 2016 Project Life album. So I'm putting it here too, just for full posterity. M & E are 3 years (+ 2 months), and I know that daily routines will surely be quite different by next January.... Continue Reading →

Life and Schedule update, v10 (26 months)

I realized that a few things have changed a lot since I last did one of these--over a year ago!--and I wanted to make note before I forget and before even more changes happen. First and most obvious, they walk and run and talk now, ALL THE TIME. 🙂 Their little voices are really cute,... Continue Reading →


Thanks to Ask Moxie, I learned about growth spurts and sleep regressions long before it would ever be time for our babies to go through them. I blame pretty much blame any weirdness on one or the other. However, as their four month 'birthday' came and went, I wondered if somehow we had escaped the... Continue Reading →

Having It All

Another post from over a year ago. The babies have changed so much, and yet my day-to-day mama experience is pretty much still the same. Seriously, I need more hours in the day. Hahahahahahahahaha. {breath} Hahahahahaha. That's funny. At this point I would settle for having some of it. Whatever "it" is. I currently have... Continue Reading →

Schedule update, v4 (3-4 months)

Well, just as I suspected, the babies did indeed change their own feeding schedule a few days ago. They happily took 6 ounces at each feeding and were able to wait for the whole three hours to eat again (we'd been giving them 5oz and they were getting hungry for snacks and wanting to eat... Continue Reading →

Is it really true??

The babies slept through the night last night!!! Ready for our secret? Well, too bad. We don't have one. We didn't do anything. The babies apparently sleep trained themselves and we just allowed it to happen. Here's the progression. In January, they dropped one of the overnight feedings and started sleeping 5-6 hours. (It started... Continue Reading →

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