One week old!

Dear M and E, You are now a week old! I can't believe it. Mostly I still can't believe that you're outside babies, that you're real, and that you're ours. Our babies! We have babies! First things first, you are both very cute. Everyone says so. Obviously we are biased, but even with the number... Continue Reading →

What I will and won’t miss

I will miss: --how easy it is to take care of babies when they're on the inside. --how quiet babies are when they're on the inside! 🙂 --freedom. --sleeping an entire night. --taking a nap if I want to. --a smaller wardrobe. I kind of like having only a few options for clothes that will... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the World!

M (left) and E (right) were born via c-section on Wednesday, November 21. We've been at the hospital since then, learning how to take care of them. The nurses have been amazing--so friendly and helpful. I wish we could take them home with us. 🙂 I realized tonight that the boys haven't actually been physically... Continue Reading →


There are many things that I am and have been very thankful for over the past eight months, and I want to acknowledge them. Perfect timing with this early Thanksgiving! * I am so, so lucky to be on my husband's health insurance. My full-time employment has been on and off for the last three... Continue Reading →

Failing to Plan

McSweeney's: Jamie and Jeff's Birth Plan Mom Stories: I'm Still Mad About My Birth Story. You? Thankful for a Cesarean Delivery ------ One of the hardest things for me as the end of this pregnancy journey nears is how it's all going to end. With twins, a lot of birthing options go right out the... Continue Reading →

DIY Maternity Photos

If we had the budget for it, I would have loved to do a professional maternity photo session. This is a once in a lifetime experience (we hope!), and I know that I will enjoy looking back on the photographic evidence of this pregnancy journey. Alas, we don't have that budget. I do plan to... Continue Reading →

35 weeks

Dear A and B, Hurray, we've made it to 35 weeks--this is a big milestone for your growth and development in utero! You'll be even more developed if you can hang in there for another week at least, if not two. We're hoping for two, obviously! A, you're really wedged in, head-down, like you're trying... Continue Reading →

I’m a Hater.

No joke, one of the first things that I started worrying about after getting pregnant was names. Seriously. I Hate Your Kids' Names  (I originally wanted to use that for this post title, but didn't want to outright insult anyone.) I hate most names. Either they're just stupid (Axel! Nevaeh!), or trendy (Brayden and all... Continue Reading →

34 weeks

I feel like a Barbie doll whose legs have been unsnapped and then put back on incorrectly. It all just, somehow. The chiropractor said last week that my pelvis is really loose, so I guess that's why? Also, a lot of the time it feels like I've been horsekicked in the ladybits. Ouch. This... Continue Reading →

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