Things I Love Thursday: Our New Car!

On some Thursdays, I’ll share something random that I’m really liking, enjoying, or appreciating. Just a little post to share a little snippet of life right now. I’d love to know if you also like these things, and what you’re randomly into these days!

At the end of July, I sold my 1998 Saturn sedan.


I bought it in 2001, when I got out of college. That car served me well for fourteen years–it got me to work and back, it took two trips across the country, it circled the same Brooklyn blocks forever looking for a parking spot. I listened to countless hours of mix tapes through its tape deck, and when I finally joined the 21st century, I hooked my iPod up through the cassette converter.

When we were expecting twins and moving 3,000 miles, we knew that we needed to get a new car–something more reliable and easier to transport twin babies and all their accompanying stuff. We found a great deal on a 2009 Honda CR-V, and the Saturn became our little ‘extra’ car.

It needed work, so we figured that we would make it last as long as we could, and instead of putting more money into it, get a new second car sometime.

So this summer, it was finally time to sell the Saturn. I found a family who would be able to make the repairs and get some good life out of it.

Our search for a new used car accidentally led us to this little 2010 Nissan Versa.


It’s a really stripped-down model–no power doors or windows, no cruise control, not even a key entry on the passenger door. But it gets good mileage, the backseat is surprisingly roomy, it has an auxiliary cable plug-in, and it even has that new-car smell! We hope it will last us at least ten years or so–maybe the twins will learn to drive in this car.

It’s our get-around-town car: I drive it to weekend photo shoots so that Andy can still drive the babies in the CR-V, and we drive it for errands during weekdays if we need to.

We bought it on August 1, so it’s been just over a month. We’re really enjoying it; it’s a nice little car–it feels zippy and modern.

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