The First Big Step

Dear sweet babies,


Tonight we put you to sleep in your own room for the very first time.

I can’t believe that you’re finally going to occupy your bedroom. You’re going to be away from us! You’ve only ever slept in the same room with us, since the day you were born. A lot of it for convenience, but also because we like having you right there. With us. Our little family, all in one room. Together.

Now I’ll have to creep in to a separate room to check on you when I come to bed. And I’ll be doing that for years to come. I think I’ll always want to check on you, even when you’re big, and I think that I will always smile when I see you sleeping peacefully.

This is your first step toward independence. Don’t laugh at me, I know you’re only four and a half months old and you’re completely dependent on us still and for a long time yet. But you’re starting to notice the world around you, outside our little family, and I know that all too soon you’ll be far more interested in what’s out there than what’s in here. In no time at all, you’ll running away from us, all growed up, out into the world. You won’t be our snuggly babies for much longer.

Now you’re in your own room, where you’ll be for the rest of your childhood. Years and years.  All too soon you’ll start talking to each other, and conspiring together, playing together and making messes together. All of it in your room. As little kids and then big kids, no longer babies. We’ll move houses in the future and you’ll have other rooms, but this will always be your first childhood bedroom.

My children. My babies. Always my sweet babies.



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  1. I was spoiled. I slept in between my parents for years. I think until I started Kindergarten actually. Until then I was wedged in between them in their bed because I’d rejected my mini bed in their room. I don’t remember doing this ( the bed was there, but I don’t remember refusing it although I never slept there) but I remember sleeping between them. Till middle school, Islept next to my 12 yr older then me/high schooler brother in his room. He took a while to get over it. I pity him for that, now. However, I fondly remember being jolted out of my sleep at midnight to being carried (I was big by then too! Too big to be carried around!) in the arms of my mom who dragged me into bed between her and Dad. Just like old times 🙂

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